Rewild, heal & embrace your sexuality

Awaken Your Innate Erotic Intelligence

Sexuality is a deeply important part of our lives, yet we are so often not given the tools and support we need in order to have fulfilling sexual lives and relationships. Our culture insists on treating sexuality like something we should just “figure out on our own,” meanwhile heaping on unhelpful expectations, gender roles, misinformation and all kinds of discouraging, dehumanizing belief systems and behaviors. So it becomes easy to ignore the unresolved issues… until we are in pain.

As an antidote to the negativity, shame and confusion so many people find themselves in, I offer immersive 1-on-1 work that is designed to heal and liberate your erotic self. This work involves deep healing, moving beyond heaviness into a place of exploring pleasure, possibility, play, your sexual power and reweaving a sense of wholeness that includes sexuality and what is most meaningful in your life.

Rewild Your Pleasure & Desire

      • Find what authentically turns you on, what nourishes your sensuality and sexual aliveness
      • Discover the magic of eroticism and the wellspring of Eros within.
      • Let go of these ideas of “who you should be” to uncover the wild essence of who you really are

Heal Emotional Patterns

      • Address the impact of perfectionism, caretaking and people-pleasing
      • let go of shame around the body and sexuality
      • Write BIG permission slips for your inner critics to relax!
      • Developing more compassion and discernment
      • Create relationships that support you to be erotically well and to express all of who you are

Restore Inner Wholeness

      • Recover the parts of yourself that have been exiled and disowned
      • Get support as you thaw out the parts that have been frozen, stuck or dead inside
      • Forge the kind of true self-love that means not turning away any part of yourself
      • Embody the courage to be all of who you really are
      • .

This Is For You If…

      • you sense that your sexuality is part of your personal power
      •  you want to feel more free and more whole — in your sexuality and in every part of your life
      • you’ve been through difficult experiences and need support to no longer carry those burdens
      • you want deeper intimacy and honesty in your relationships — without having to hide or apologize for your sexuality
      • you are ready to go to the deep places inside, thaw out what’s frozen, rediscover what is hidden — to feel more free, more joyful, more whole and more alive

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are your clients, and how do you work with people?

    I welcome adults of all genders, relationship styles, and sexual orientations into my practice and am a kink-aware practitioner who has worked with new explorers and seasoned practitioners of BDSM, as well as current and former sex workers.

    Distance and in-person options: I work 1-on-1 with people all around the world by Skype or phone, usually in 3 to 6-month blocs although sometimes for longer or shorter. I also offer in-person sessions in the Bay Area, California and wherever I travel.

  2. What kinds of things do you work with people on?

    I have experience working with people at many different stages of their sexual journeys. In my experience the initial phases involve a lot of opening up, releasing shame, developing language to talk about your sexuality, and acquiring necessary information–finding out what you don’t know and filling in the blind spots. I have also worked with people who have done a lot of work on their sexuality — and I love these deeper and subtler explorations with seekers evolving their understanding of Eros, soul, spirit and larger Earth.

    Sexuality is the access point for this work but we address many things that go beyond what is happening in the bedroom: spirituality, self-esteem, places of emotional wounding and disempowerment that may not be sexual in origin but that have nonetheless sapped your life force and aliveness. Philosophically, I hold an anti-racist perspective and aim to provide a safe space where we can investigate the intersection of sexual & racial oppression and the ways white supremacy culture has disenfranchised us from our sexual autonomy, wellness and joy.

  3. How do I know if I’m ready for this?

    If you’ve made it this far on the page you probably know if it’s calling you 😉 I will say that this work is not linear, it is rarely comfortable and it is not about quick fixes. As sexuality has massively been exiled inside our culture and in us, facing the dark, frozen and hidden places requires courage and trust that that’s actually where the magic is. I do not promise quick fixes or one-size-fits-all approaches, nor do I teach any particular “brand” or model of sexual empowerment. But you may find that, entering into the wild, beautiful terrain of your soul and sexual wildness, you end up throwing out those concepts in favor of much bigger and juicier evolutions!

    Surrender is vital to this work. Often, we do not take the initiative to seek better perspectives on sexuality and relationships until the pain of staying the same outweighs the discomfort of change. But only YOU can give yourself permission to make this important and to prioritize this valuable, personal part of life that determines so much of our well-being and fulfillment.

  4. How did you get into this?

    I found my way into the sexuality field in my early 20s after studying International Relations in college. I wanted to work on women’s rights and gender policy issues on a systemic level but fate had other plans for me! I actually quit my internship at the United Nations in order to dive into working with Amy Jo Goddard, who was my teacher in this work for 6 years. I had a lot of my own sexual wounding and disempowerment to address and had to enter into a crucible period of facing that material on a personal level. The initiations of my own life have been some of the biggest teachers. Other major steps in my journey have been a year-long training in Internal Family Systems therapy (2016-2017), studying Theater of the Oppressed (2017), training in Body Tales with Olivia Corson (2018-present). My work is also informed by a diverse array of ecophilosophers, poets, animist teachers and and wisdom-holders who remind us that what we call individual sexuality is part of our interrelatedness with larger Earth.

What People Are Saying

Leonore was able to help me identify, visualize, and feel in my body a part of myself I had been neglecting for who knows how long. She was able to converse directly with this part and model a compassionate way of listening. The work to heal is deep and layered and Leonore has the focus of a needle, to sift through the parts of you you struggle with and help you sew them back together.

– Mae, registered dietician in Washington

Photo by Frances Denny

Leonore has been such an inspiring priestess and guide on my journey, helping me to heal these old wounds and find a deeper experience of my own power.”
– Jackie, coach in Pennsylvania

“Leonore’s work is really magical. She’s been such a beautiful ally in moving these deep and tender parts within myself.”
– Elise, educator in New York

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